hitch that

finshed reading karen armstrongs` "islam".. it was quite interesting, `cause i didn`t know much about that religion before.. i understand one thing why i don´t like religious poeple much.. that`s because the original stuff is raped in so many different ways and it sometimes hardly has anything related to the so called religions nowadays…. people try to find very complex and unimaginable things behind the simple religious texts that are not there.. the quaran and i think even the bible are actually very simple.. the ones` who originally wrote them meant just what they wrote.. they didn`t try to put a secret encrypted message into it for the future generations to find.. and the same is with the bestseller "da vinci code"… some freak who has read way too much fantasy and has a very wild imagination of his own just sucked the whole thing out of his pencil and the ones` who buy it are so desperate to find something mystical in their life because they can`t make it out their own.. and so they pay to read the mysteriuos world and all the conspiracys that surround them.. such a crap..
watched "hitch".. funny, but the ending was too cheesy and that dancing part.. makes me shiver.. sad is that people actually "dance" like that and they consider that to be dancing.. the movie itself had some quite interesting ideas in it.. some particular person should see it think about her life..
had some bad news also.. katrin is not coming back until 6th october.. probably.. we`ll see about that..

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