vocational education

we hayeserday we had IMO the best public lecture we ever had had in this school.. it was about vocational education and the problem young people all going for higher academic education instead learning some practical profession.. i have thought about that problem also, because of my brothers who seem to be not very sure what to do with  their lives.. there`s been a lot of whining that there a not enough people who are willing to do jobs that require more physical approach.. like electricians, welders, engineers..  young people are all into computers, economy, sociology..  what i don`t understad is why the government allows universities to set a so-called treshold, which means that if one meets certain requirements s/he is accepted into university.. the results are there – students haven`t got enough seats in lectures and they have to sit on the stairs and floor.. but the lecturer was able to explain, hwy it is like that.. it`s because estonias have always treasured education.. in the old times father considered it to be almost a matte of pride to send at least one son into city-school..  my both parents have a vocational education and i remember them talking that we should have a university education, because they never had it.. it`s like accomplishing their own dreams through us.. but when i look at my father, who studied to be an eletrician – i haven`t seen almost anything that he can not do.. i bet that there are not many people whose father has a university diploma that can say the same..
we had also a performance yesterday.. and i hated it.. i hate doing those boring folk-dances adn i hate when there`s more performers than people watching the performance..
there`s a concert today by inboil and jaan sööt.. yeah..

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