i don`t wear tights!!!

we have a party coming up where we are officially made members of our dance-group.. some tradition thingy.. anyway there has been some discussion aobut it over mail and when i came back from physical i had to read a letter containig words "janek" (that`s my name) and "tights" in the same sentence.. don`t even try to imagine that.. and they want me prancing around like some ballet-dancer.. yeah.. more like caveman.. i`ll think about it if they use some trash/gothic/pagan-metal tune in the background.. we`ll see about that
we had our first physical training with our new instructor, the former decathlete indrek kaseorg.. there were three of us in the lesson.. but it was OK.. we had a short jog in the park.. for about 4km, then some stairs and some exercises in the gymn.. seems to be a normal person.. quiet though..
and we have a singer coming to rehersal on tuesday.. hope it`ll go alright..
and i seem to have a birthday today.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

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