JÄÄÄÄR <- best way to start a vacation

although my vacation doesn`t officially start before monday things are now in that state that i have no business with school until 2nd january.. still i use the dormitory to rest my body before the forthcoming musically overloaded weekend.. and it started actually today..
in the event of their 15th anniversary JÄÄÄÄR recorded an album with completely new songs.. actually it`s a double-cd.. the others is a tribute, where other estonian musicians have performed their own versions of the older sogs.. imagine the song "soo" mixed with "nothing else matters".. can`t do that? go and buy a record and listen yourself..
the concert itself was.. i thought that i have seen everything what they can do and although some jokes are already familiar they never seize to amaze me.. like jaan tuning inBoils`guitar and the latter re-tuning it..   the tribute-songs.. songs like "viimane tramm" and "õhtulaul" performed with a choir.. and inBoil performing with the Halepop Singers.. it`s something you`ll never have the chance to experience again (that goes to you, birgit).. cause these song are not on the record..  and you can`t get the feeling from the record, like you did from being there 😛
anyway.. i´m off to rakvere tomorrow.. hope i´ll make it back and by that time i´ll have my new laptop new soundcard..
and here is a little point to you who prefere to study or get drunk or do whatever instead of going to JÄÄÄÄR concert…
       DON`T DO THAT

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