green christmas vol 2

soohh.. i finally fond the time and got the lazyness out of my arse to write couple of lines about the festival.. there is a quite good article in postimees about it..  i have to agree with the author in many cases.. almost in all the points he brings out.. for those who do`t speak estonian i´ll give a short brefing..
paingreed and sinking were nothing but noisi.. whispering forest had a wonderful idea to bring a choir with them and a cello, unfortunately the sound wasn`t very good and  occasionally you couln`t hear the singer.. zorg was good.. they were heavy,but in the way i like it.. the problem with paingreed and sinKing and neaera and pedigree and sybreed was that i couldn`t understand a word they said.. what`s the point then.. shut the f*** up and play the damned instrument..
anathema was like the best thing on this concert.. they were so cool in the press-conference.. like when they first came in vincent sat down in the last row right next beside me and was very casual.. he asked if i had the questions ready.. ouf course i hadn`t cause i had never heard about them.. shame on me i know.. they weren`t trying to be modest or anything.. when a reporter asked something quite stupid they were like "what kind of a question is that? that was quite stupid" and so on.. someone might consider that quite arrogant but it somehow suited them.. when asked about the embarrasing thing vincent flashed his arse to their female singer lee and asked if that was embarrasing enough.. no kidding.. and the show was also awesome.. the pain reflecting from some songs was so strong and it showed from vincents eyes.. like i said i have never their songs before and they said at the press-conference that when they started with doom-metal they really sucked.. i don´t know what they were like before lee, but she an amazing voice.. so strong and perfect for the songs she sang.. teir performance lasted for more that two hours and i enjoyed every moment of it..
after the concert i managed to amaze myself by finding the dormitory by my gut-feeling.. you see i had no map and i had checked it from the internet before leaving tartu..
in the next day it toured rakver a bit.. checked out the castle and the statue.. unfortunately the castle was locked and i could only walk around it..
the second festival-day started with skriimsilm.. i´ve always liked what they do and this time wasn`t exeptional.. i missed most of the shadowdances and j.m.k.e. but that wasn´t really a big loss.. sõpruse puiestee had again problems with the sound, like they´ve had in almost all the concerts.. that`s sad cause they are also one of my favourites.. i had finally a chance to see ultima thule and tõnis mägi performe live..  embarrsed to admit that..  and they were very-very good.. tõnis mägi puts so much emotions in his singing and it is so good to watch if an artists feels good on the stage.. it really felt that they were the main attraction of the night.. sybreed and loits i didn`t like very must..  mm i forgot widescreen mode from finland.. when they started their first song i first thought "i another band lke that" and walked out of te hall, but i returned somewhere during the third song `cause i started to like what i heard..
evenings last performer was die krupps.. they are considered to be the pioneers in industrial and electronic music `cause they started doing it 25 years ago.. sometimes it felt like they wouldn`t need the bass and guitar at all `cause i coulnd`t hear them.. anyways jürgen looked like he really enjoyed being up on the stage again.. or off the stage cause in the end he almost threw himself into the crowd and the security couldn`t do anything.. you can keep the fans away from the star, bu you can`t keep the star away from the fans.. i thought that they would last as long as anathema did, but they finished after about one hour..
finally thanks to taavi who gave me the possibility to go there for free and sirla for shooting the pics.. i´ll try to upload all of them when i have the chance..

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