sorry i won`t sell it to you..

today when i was in selver on my way back from tartu a woman in front of me tried to buy among a lots of other things a piece of wrapping paper.. it didn`t have this digital number (like the one on hitmans`nape) paper with and therefore the seller could not get it`s price with the thingy that goes peep every time this number is showed to it.. and she said "i can`t sell it to you cause i can`t get it`s price from the computer.." so what?! you`re a seller.. you are there to help the people to get their shoppings done.. and she didn`t seem to be interested in trying to help the lady and going and checking the price from somewhere.. like isn`t that what sellers do?? she didn`t even suggest to the lady that maybe she could go and check if there is a code on similar products.. NO.. just "i can`t sell it to you"..
well maybe i the one being cruel and unreasonable, but at least show any signs of the will to help.. and if you thought that you shouldn`t work on christmas eve then you should have thought about that earlier and maybe called in the morning that you are sick..
enivei it was a very weird situation  to watch..
happy christmas and don`t forget to spend all your money on present in your local supermarket..
and santa will bring me new dancing-shoes.. weee….

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