xmas after-effects

well.. seems like no more presents this year.. one more esting fest still to go.. was at my grannys` yesterday.. damn that place was crowded.. my uncle was there and also my grand-auntie with her family.. but it was nice.. to sit behind a long table.. eat and chat and drink.. eating is good but not the feeling that comes a bit later.. i felt soo relieved after taking a crap.. i weighed myself on friday when we were there killing a pig for christmas and i again afer i finished eatin on sunday.. the difference was 7 kilos.. the scale probably isn`t very accurate, but the real difference was at least 5 kilos which is quite a lot..
in the matter considering resents then i have a request for parents and parents-to-come..  when buying presents think about other parents also and big brothers and don`t buy anything that PRODUCES SOUND to small children unless you wan`t to recieve a similar present next christmas.. and that is a promise..
happened to watch the first harry potter movie yesterday also.. yeah-yeah you can laugh at me when we meet, bu there was nothing else on and i really couldn`t eat any more.. well the book wasn`t that bad, but the movie was exactly like the book.. so i refuse to believe that crap about a poor teacher writing that book cause she hadn`t anything else to do.. and the acting feltreally poor too.. some children really doesn`t suit into a movie.. and snape was awful.. if one has never read the book then he couldn`t possibily understand the thing going on between snape and harry.. there were scenes cut out that tell about that.. seemed very weak.. so i wouldn`t suggest to see the movie after reading the books.. use your own imagination instead..

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