one day to go..

nonii… the year is almost over.. and i have absolutely no plans for sending it away.. so much about that then..
cleaned up the garage with dad.. you can`t believe how much worthless junk can be in oen small garage.. anyways we piled it into out car and drove to a junkyard.. which was closed.. and e drove to another one.. which was also closed.. then we drove back to the first one and sneaked the stuff in..
brought my bike from tartu to võru.. had to clean up the other garage for that too.. not that much junk there..
have been trying to read something for my finnish lessons.. not much progress there.. it`s kind a har to read when you don`t know every third word and every fourth one doesn`t appear in your dictionary.. the book itself is juoksuhaudantie by kari hotakainen..
phew.. and we have a gig tomorrow.. see the pic for details.. i hope i will not be stoned to death..
and it seems that my portable cd-player is wasted.. not very happy-happy about that..

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