better year for the taildraggers

the gig was.. not good.. the event itself was very cool.. we were to go on stage last.. the plan was to do some improvisations at first and then to bring margus in for the songs.. anyways the impros didn´t seem to please the crowd.. cause most of them left.. the songs brought some crowd back.. especially girls.. but i didn`t feel comfortable on the stage.. i think that we´ll have to do more songs that have a more certain patters.. and lyrics.. later we had conversation with a girl from the audience and she told that we were overplaying eachother.. that is possible.. there was one comment that i liked although.
"look, in the very end,when Jimi was totally crazy — these guys are like that."
.. the bullfrog brown was on before us and when they finished and we had to go my nose started to bleed.. guess i was actually nervous as hell.. at least my legs didn`t shake like when i performed with triin.. guess we´ll have to rehearse more..

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