old and new

last minute changes made me come home for the new years eve.. over three years this was the first time in võru again.. but the place was old.. taavis` office.. nice little sitting with friends you may say.. watched some tv.. earlier i saw an old tv program from year `83 and there were all the characters from the tv shows i watched as a child.. leopold. kriimsilm. tembu and vembu and so on.. that was like so cool.. i didn`t bother to go to the big fir that we have in the center of the town and were all the crowd usually assembles to see the fireworks and stuff.. we played pool instead.. it´s quite hard to play when you`re a bit drunk.. and some time later i didn`t feel so good anymore and retired to other room for a nap..  coming home at 5 was a pain cause it was friggin cold and almost no taxis available..
anyways it back to school tomorrow.. dammit..

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