weird things happening

today.. well actually yesterday, ’cause it’s 0027 a.m. i went to the universities library and did some studing.. my room is not a very good place to study ’cause there are too many distractions.. like the internet and all the guitars..
i have decided where i´m going to spend a bigger amount of money next.. the  money i´m planning to get from delivering liquer to finnish cadets.. the ones’ i have tlaken to actually say that the cheapest way to get any alcohol is to take the ship to estonia and buy it from here.. anyway it`s going to be a guitar.. an acoustic one.. i have currently my room-mates piece-o-junk guitar in my lap but despite the fact that it’s a piece of shit it’s so different to play compared to an electric guitar.. and i went to shakepeare today, where bonzo and tõun performed and acoustic is just so cool.. 
before that i´m thinking about a wifi card for my laptop.. there are just so many places where i could acess the net with the freedom of movement that it would be stupid not to take advantage..
i’ve been watching some movies too..
     elephant by gus van sant – the camerawork is absolutely amazing.. how the hell do they do that.. there were frames where you should have seen two cmeras pointing directly at you, but none are visible.. 
     sin city – at first i was really sceptical about this movie, ’cause it seemed to be just another pointless actionmovie.. boy have i ever been more happy to be wrong.. it was just like the comic had become alive.. the colours (actually the lack of it), the stories fitting into each other.. aww.. i actually liked the most the way the cars jumped.. that was shown for about three times but it was really cool.. so like you would imagine a car from a comic book to jump..
next week is going to be hell for my muscles.. there are sports lessons just before dancing on monday and wednesday..

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