shoot the sergeant

some time ago we got new raincoats and and a piece of canvas you can build a tent from (i’ve forgotten how it’s called) and they didn’t want the old ones’ back.. anyways today our sergeant ordered to collect all the old ones’ back.. the story itself was something like that:
      we can : a) keep the new set and give back the old or;
                     b) give back the new one keep the old and get the new one back in three months pass and then we could keep the old one also.. like WTF?
ok.. i gave the old set back.. but few hours later a course-mate who collected the old ones brought back my old canvas-you-can-turn-into-a-tent..  like WTF??.. i guess our sergeant was overreacting as usual.. he has a kink of somekind when it’s about equipment.. and they collected the stuff for burning.. i raise my hands and give up..

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