retromies tai metromies

terje brought a artikle from a finnish womens’ magazine.. there was a quite interestingcomparison between the men who com to your house and fix the leaking shower and the men who call for a retromies to fix the leaking shower..

anyways i should be studing for my finnish exam tomorrow, but in some way i am.. the article (which you can find in an issue of "me naiset" last year october issue) the story is totally pro-retromiehet.. no wonder why.. like how you can recognize a retromies –  "few minutes in front of the mirror" "talks when has something to say" "possibly hairy" "eats what is given".. i also liked the comparisons like "a metromies brings a bunch of parfume bottles from a foreign country, but a retromies brings a bunch of chrysanthemums from a local prisma market.. and if he does it twice a year, you know it’s true love.." ‘cmon ladies.. could you possibly take seriously a man who asks you in a shop "how does my ass look in these jeans"  anyhow i´m keeping the story and if somebody is interested then i can scan it and upload to somewhere.. but it’s in finnish..


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