my words have been heard..

in my last post i wrote that has gotten awfully low.. today when loggen in the speed was superb.. 🙂 .. does that mean that i should moan more often when something is out of order.. i’ll do that..
here is a start.. we, the future artillery-men were supposed to go to tapa for some special training before hitting north.. i was so prepared for this.. told mae that i woun’t come dancing for two week. checked out the places to go while in there (well actually not).. anyways i was mentally so prepared for this.. all i had to do is tell katrin that i wont be in dancing for a while.. and then.. then we were told that we’ll actually go there just for one day..  what’s that about.. now i have two or even more free weeks.. what should i do with this time.. probably start writing my paper.. damn..
and the finnish exam didn’t go so good.. probably didn’t fail , but still..

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