friday night

i’m home again after some time.. some cool things happened while on my way.. i saw a young mother pushing a little child in a cart up from riiamägi.. she was rocking the cart so the front wheels went off the ground and tha baby was enjoying thatvery much.. very-very cool..
when i got to the bus-station i found out that i have to wait a full hour.. raisk! so i went to the mall and bought the wifi card for my laptop.. haven’t yet installed it..
when i have finished this post i’m going to sit down and read a book.. not because i have to, but because i want to.. i haven’t done that in so long time.. the book is going to be kari hotakainens’ "juoksuhaudantie".. the same i had to read in finnish, but i decided not to mentally injure myself by trying to read in to the end in finnish.. the finnish course also ended today.. we got flowers and all for terje.. she asked us to write a report just for her. i wrote that i sometimes didn’t like the expressions she used.. i thought that those were not suitable for a young and pretty woman like she is.. i really felt very awkward sometimes.. and later she got so "i’m so sorry" and all in the sms she sent me.. told her to lay back and relax.. that was another thing i sometimes didn’t like about her.. she over-reacted about the tiniest things and got really nervous, ’cause she thought that we are going to think badly of her and tell somebody.. women.. but she was really cool.. probably one of the best civilian teachers we have had..

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