watched probably the best tv program called subboteja.. and they introduced the roman saunas there called terms, built right here in our very own estonia.. there are like 6 different saunas there.. aroma, infrared, steam, finnish, salt and the regular.. anyways i was very impressed.. and it’s not expensive at all.. the first two hours are 120-160 eek and every extra hour is  30 eek..i was thinkin that it would take at least 6 hours to visit every one of them.. that would make like 300 eek.. or you could make two visits.. of course that would eventually be more expensive, ’cause of the driving and so on..  i’m definately planning to talk at least on car-full of my friends into this and go.. and  thank to miša and šasa for the tip.. i just found out that you can watch the show from the net also.. just follow the first link of this post
more info on toila terms

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