shut the f*** up when talking with a mobile phone..

ana article in i planned to post in this subject last year whne i had a very similar experience.. i was driving to home in a public transport.. it took about an hour and 3/4 this guy behind me was talking with his cellular.. nothind unusual about that.. people often use cellulars to communicate with other persons.. but this guy.. firstly he was talking so loud that everybody in the bus heard him.. and secondly the crap that was flowing out of his mouth.. he was like talking in msn but actually his brother or something was online and the one in the bus instructed him what to write.. in details.. which emoticons to use, how many punctuationmarks.. i got soo pissed.. thinking about it know i wonder why didn’t i make him eat his phone or just tear out his vocal-cords.. that was like so irritating.. if you have had similar experience you know what i’m talking about..
mihkel mutt is discussing basicly the same subject in his article linked above.. he doesn’t want to get involved in other people private life, to hear how many times bill vomited last nite or how jack couldn’t get a hard-on.. the problem to this he believes is that people have a deep desire to perform.. to stand out from the crowd.. that’s why the reality-shows are so popular, but eveybody can’t get into an reality-show so s/he has to do something else.. some people blog, some run naked across the football-field.. but some are not even capable to that.. and because basically everybody can get a cellular these days it’s the easiest way to make people around you notice you.. even if that feedback is negative.. that doesn’t matter because they were noticed..
i have a solution for you.. a little something i do.. dance, get your picture taken and voila! you’re on a poster, hanging in the noticeboard in tartu universities’ library, advertising a dance concert.. and in newspapers (khmm postimees khmm) and so on..

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