thank you

today was a day i felt over a very long period that i was down.. really-really down.. not the whole day, a very short period to be precice.. my room-mate had left and i was playing guitar.. random songs, different styles.. then i looked  the videolessons in e-chords and started playing "you and me" by lifehouse.. somehow it started depressing me.. like very down.. fortunately i was persuaded to go out.. it was very cold.. -27 C.. it’s good to have friends who know how to just be.. went to a new art museum, located in the old mall.. some things were strange and some very cool.. later had some tea and cake, red an astrology book.. how the hell do they write that kind of things.. i don’t mean horoscopes, but a characteristics of s specific star-sign.. i was like so many times "yeah, i’m like that, but how the hell do they know that?" freaks you out..
and i got the hendrik sal-saller & estonian dream big band record and laulude õhtu "vana kuub" set.. i’m pleased.. and i’m soon off to rock’n’roll

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