first week in tapa

now that the first week is over i thought to put down some impressions.. basically it was really positive and it went better and better every day.. the lessons were interesting, people giving them were friendly and the whole staff of the artillery-school and battery considers us to be one of them already, though we have a year to go before we’re officially at work there.. it’s like totally different from the school in tartu.. things are working smoothly, no-one is over-organizing things and there is no two pains in the ass like there was in tartu.. that’s about the base..
the city is.. boring.. or i haven’t searched properly enough.. there are shops and stuff but close to nothing to do in the evenings.. the two local pubs are considered a no-no.. if you don’t have a platoon with you.. what one can do is get in shape.. fortunately i haven’t gone to that path yet.. but i guess that i wont be able to avoid that forever.. we were also shown to possible apartments to live in when we come back from finland.. they will be quite OK after the construction-crew has finished with them.. both have three rooms and a kitchen and a bathroom.. not bad at all i might say..
one good thing is also that the whole system is still under development and that means that there will be a lot to do.. and what is important is that few people can tell you what to do exactly what to do.. cause the concept is new in estonia and no-one has lot of experience in what and how precicely should be done.. the struture for example.. you just can’t bring the structure from germany with the howitzers.. the landscape, weather and other circumstances are totally different.. there wil be a lot of thinking to do and i can take part in the process..
and my favourite song won the national eurovision song contest.. yeah.. well done cassandra.. nice legs by the way..

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