a health-spa

now two weeks in here have passed almost without noticing and complaints.. almost none..
why a spa? some points to choose from..
1) nature around you. the base is located far away from big cities, on a shore of a nice lake. the nearest city is about 7 km away. all around are pine-trees and you see about 20 cars per day
2) enough physical activities. that’s in and outside of the base.. there’s your gymn, wrestling arena, ski-tracks in the winter and for jogging whenever you feel to, ice-skating hall, swimmingpool, football field and i probably haven’t seen all yet.. and we have at least two physical-lessons in a week so being lazy isn’t just going to help..
3) food. ok.. the unpeeled potatoes are really starting to piss me off, but there is a vegetarian food possibility also and i have seen different dishes for those who have fish or lactose-allergie.. like wow!.. nothing like that in our school..
4) music shop. that i discoveres today and for a place not bigger that my hometown it has a very decent selection.. in fact i saw guitars there that i haven’t seen even in tartu and tallinn and that included some very cool speciments.. i might even get one if all the reason leaves me
5) smoking and drinking.. well there’s both, but it a way too expensive.. i didn’t smoke in estonia and i sure will not start it here.. tastes some beer here also.. those you could have twice as much and for half a price in estonia and it would still taste better..
6) working hours. the week usually begins at noon on monday and ends at noon on friday and occasionally we have fridays totally free.. what else could you want..

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