today afternoon was cool.. as a part of our training in here is a drivers course, which basically meant that we spen a day in classroom and another offroading on a local exercise field.. and offroad is the main word in this sentence.. vehicles to test were Land Rover Defenders.. mine from year 2002, but some as new as december 2005.. defender is quite narrow and definately no the most comfortable, but if there is a song saying " i was built for comfort not for speed" then about this car you caould say that it was built for offroading not for comfort.. two things that really disturbed me were the fact that the car was covered with aluminium, which means that it dents extremely easily.. and as i am quite tall then there was not enough space.. and the brake and clutch pedals were too close together.. the last fact is something that really can affect performance, but i think that needs some practicing..
the ride itself was awesome.. i have never had that kind of offroad experience as a driver before.. despite the snow and rough up and downwards slopes the machine performed over my greatest expections.. the vw iltis that we have in estonian army i a real piece of crap compared to the defender.. the electrical seats and blaupunkt stereo are just two features..
tomorrow we go to a ice-course (Y)

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