deutschland sucht den superstar

couple times i have seen the videos from the above mentioned competition and that disturbes me.. especially one song.. five or six guys are performing a formed hitsong by "take that" titled "back for good" or something like that.. and it’s absolutely the same song as performed in original.. the same settings, the same looking guys.. what’s the point in that? doing the same song exactly the same way as it has been done already.. some time ago i saw a remake of the adams-sting-stewart hit from the robni hood movie.. and that too was exactly the same.. .. if you can sing, get somebody to write song for you, or write them yourself or just do a new interesting version of an old song
yesterday i saw a show on MTV called "my own"..basically the concept of the show is that if you are into some popstar and you are wussy enough not to get him/her then you can write to that show i think i they’ll find you someone who is similar to the real person.. actually they’ll find you about 6 persons who think that they are like that person and then you can give them different tasks and and eliminate those you don’t like and get you very own personal somebody.. the particular show was about a guy looking for avril lavigne.. the girls dressed up as her, tried to sing like she sings and in any other possible means to impress the guy.. finally won the girl who showed the guys her ass and had the biggest breasts.. i would have picked the same girl, ’cause she was the nicest looking although couldn’t sing very well.. who cares if you know how tall real avril is or what’s the name of the drummer in her band..

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