first disappointment

since today afternoon i thought very well of these instructors we have in here.. they know their stuff and they know it very good.. but.. yesterday and today we had to do some tactical planning about defence and attack.. the written battalion commandres order for defence wasn’t that bad, but still the finnish cadets managed to generate a huge pile of shit from that, but that’s normal considering that they haven’t done that before.. i think that we were quite the same when we started with the company course.. but the order for attack we recieved.... the starting was normal: who, what, what units support us and so on.. then the order ended nd liutenant asked if there were any questions.. i had one.. WHO ARE WE ATTACKING? a squad. platoon, company, friggin’ battalion or artillery unit.. liutenant went through his papers and started to laugh.. fortunately he thought quickly and gave me the answer.. the unit was strange considering the landscape and some other circumstances, but that’s another subject.. how the hell is anybody supposed to do any planning without knowing who are they attacking or who is attacking them..
about other things.. the estonian sumo-wrestler Baruto got his 11th victory and is continuing without any losses..

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