what would you do if everything i hate revolves around me

i’ve been grumpy lately.. and kind a angry at one of my good friends.. reasons is not your to know and it may be that i’m being a bit unfair to him.. when i’m grumpy then i tend to be not very talkative, responses are two to three words max.. but i listened to record today afternoon and it made me normal again.. thanks go to a special girl who sings on that record.. (R)
it hasn’t been a very good beginning of the week at all.. today i went to the local musicstore again to check the possibilities of using their studio to rehearse.. results came back negative.. studio is only opened when the store is and closed on weekends.. dammit.. last chance is the music-school.. i did some research on the prices also.. guitar there are ridiculously expensive.. for example the danelectro electrical guitar.. it looks very cool although the headpiece and you can get it from estonia for about 200 euros and it’s brand new.. in that store was a used one and it costed 245 euros.. hmm.. makes you think.. the effects had the same price maybe even cheaper..
and Baruto won the tournament without losing a single match

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