once more i say goodbye to you

last night it started snowing again here in Finland.. made me feel better, ’cause for the first time i didn’t feel like coming back here.. why? although Tartu was not much a sight to see compared to Finland, because all the snow is gone and everywhere is mud and it’s raining.. still it was one of the best weekends i have had in such a long time.. the reason? we had the academys anniversary.. that means we had a danceball and that means a lot of ballroom dancing and ballroom dancing of course means Katrin.. it was great to see her again like always.. we had a little rehersal earlier in the day to refresh things up for me, ’cause she’s a natural dancer.. showed me some cool moves :D.. and it proved to be very useful, ’cause someone certainly liked what we did and we got a special prize for being the best dance-couple on the floor and she got the new autographed cd by Mart Sander.. think she was happy.. later when the official part was over i had to take her home, ‘ cause she planned to study the next day.. when i came back the "real" party had begun.. that meant extremely loud and shitty music and unlimited drinking.. that made us to evacuate to my room with two bottles of "vana tallinn".. at first we had a small group but one after another the others left leaving me alone with next superb girl.. we chatted, she sang, i played the guitar and hours went by.. occasionally her boyfriend dropped in the see if we weren’t doing anything prohibited.. later in the early hours of morning we found him sleeping in his bed (he swears not knoing how he got there).. managed to go to sleep at 7 am and woke at 11 am to find Katrin studing in the library and take her to have a late breakfast and then back to library.. i managed to enjoy her company ’till about 5 pm.. during that time we barely spoke.. she reading her law-books, me going through a book about Joplin, Morrison, Hendrix, Elvis and some other legends.. later in the eveing i delivered a package to Kristel and chatted with her for a while to waste time ’till the departure of the bus.. when i got to the harbour i really started to feel not like going, the others helped along by whining how bad it is in Lahti and how glad they are that it’s their final week there, but as i we finally got to Niinisalo in the next day and went through the afternoon classes and the snowing began and lasted at least until 1 am i felt alright again..
it was also great to go home after almost two months.. see my parents and brothers..
this weekend was very close to be a perfect one.. thanks to those who made it possible..

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