charlie i’m pregnant

hope has faded.. almost nothing left to do.. i can’t stop thinking how stupid i can be sometimes.. 22 years and like haven’t learnt anything.. you don’t wait until the last week with buying the tickets.. especially with the tickets to dagö concert.. and then you accidentally discover from orkut that some dude has bought tickets and only two were left.. and of course there are none left when you get there.. then you write to rock cafe and ask if it’s reasonable to drive all the way from finland to tallinn to see if i can get a ticket from the door and they don’t bother to answer.. then.. then you have an idea that maybe your friend can get you in through a magazine, where you once did a story about Green Christmas festival.. and again rock cafe doesn’t answer to their letter.. damndamndamn.. but there is light in the end of the tunnel (hope it’s not a fire)’cause there are rumours that they have some shows coming up in the summer.. i swear i’ll be the first in the ticket-line
watched jurassic park 3.. booooring and so predictable..

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