new york new york

another shopping madness today resulted in: two books mart laar "sinimäed 1944" and terry pratchett "lords and ladies"; magazine of extreme sports and four dvds – a love song for bobby long (scralett johannson ;)), the silence of the lambs, the merchant of venice and new york new york.. and the last on was what i wanted to write something about.. first of all i have never cared much of liza minelli.. of course i have heard of her and thats it.. but in this movie she’s awesome.. in the beginning i didn’t like the way she sang.. i don’t mean the voice, but the way she was.. but in the end when there is this scene in the record studio and she sings "but the world goes round" i was like awwwwww… so strong and passionate.. and of course the theme song.. and in addition to that a lot of good jazz, awesome sax solos AND last but not least robert deniro.. i don’t know when i will be able to watch all the 3 hours of special features.. i think that this is a must have movie in your collection IF you’re into that kind of things.. if not then .. go watch jurassic park 3 for example.. and you might as well shoot yourself when it starts

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