all the ladies report to the dancefloor please

i am not sure if i haven’t written about this before.. visited me grandparents again and that remembered a thing that i have wanted to write about, but haven’t had the right mood (best excuse ain’t it).. i lost one of my grandpas about 13 years ago.. i remember the house feeling so empty after that.. and sometimes i think what would it feel loosing another.. don’t really want to think about that, but i can’t help noticing how they fade slowly.. especially my other grandpa.. i remeber few years back when we were making hay and i couldn’t keep up with him.. he was so tough and didn’t want to let us do the harder jobs.. but now he injured his hand while harvesting apples and hasn’t recovered from it.. and i see how much he dislikes when my father says that he shouldn’t to some things.. but we all know that when nobody is around they still do things thatmay not be good for them.. but that’s how they are used to live.. to do everything by themselves.. i like to see them sitting together on a bench under a really big and old appletree and watch all the grandchildren running around and doing chores.. it seem just like a thing that old people should be doing when their own children have grown up and have children of their own.. that’s something i would like to see somedays

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