she was into rock-stars and i was into strippers.. it would last forever..

i have postponed writing about many things.. and now seems to be the time as good as any to write some things down and off..
i have noticed that small children stare at me.. maybe they stare anything and anybody and it just seems to me that i’m in their special list of things to stare, maybe not.. but it feel good somehow, can’t explain it.. yesterday we went to check out the Peipsi Barge.. magnificent thing by the way.. and there were all the small children of the builders running around and complaining and whining, because they weren’t allowed to the small test-drive.. anyway we were eating an orange and one of them climbed onto the bench walked to me and repeated:"i want too.."  it was funny to look the child eating a piece.. then we had a chance to climb onboard and i left the other oranges on the table.. when we got back the same child had managed to untie the knot and was eating one.. the technique was extraordinary.. he had managed to ripe the orange partly and was trying to get the rest of it through that hole.. makes me smile everytime i think of it..
one more example from that location.. we were onboard and a kid about 4 years old came to us.. looked really important and announced:"who’s gonna tie my shoe-lace".. there were no-one else around exept me and Katrin and the kid looked like he had decided deep down his heart that one of us is going to tie it.. finally Katrin did it, but mentioned that the kid seemed like he was expecting me to do that.. and things happen a lot..

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