dance like a monkey

went to a music festival the last weekend.. was quite interesting.. a Kawa Brass Band from India was quite fun.. love song played with trumpets :D.. Ygdrassil from Dutchland had two quite good female voices and Kekele from Congo  and Cubanissimo from Cuba grooved.. Haydamaky from Ukraine got the crowd really jumping up and down.. they were really awsome.. so much energy.. as was in the performance of Värttinä from Finland.. they have these two beautiful blonde singers..:D damn.. and one of them can really curse.. don’t understand where the voice and power comes from..
and of course the first concert where Metsatöll and RAM united their repertoire.. i they could get the sound OK then it would be totally awesome..
later on friday went to rock café where Taak and Aapo Ilves & Eliit performed.. that was nice.. got to sleep at about 5 am..
altogether it was a nice weekend.. spent some time at Karmo’s place.. it felt different from being at my place.. didn’t have to do anything.. at home is always something to do and so on..
and now off to midsummer day activities

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