one day it will please us to remind even this

so.. the midsummer day.. we went neat to Pori a beach called Yyteri.. damn that place was crowded.. we arrived at about 11 pm and most of the gang was already drunk.. what we noticed was that majority was young people.. and i mean YOUNG.. barely over § i mean..
there was a area separated by a fence and it was litarally stuffed with people.. everybody had their own private party there, with their own private drinks and music.. and they wanted 30 euros to get in there.. yeah right!!.. we satisfied with a place in a parking lot.. some alcohol was consumed.. some more, some less.. myself obviously not enough, ’cause i didn’t get the point why it takes so much time to decide, wheather to sleep in a tent or in the car..  eventually everybody slept in the car.. met some people.. some more or less drunk.. but not in that disgusting way that makes them annoying.. an advice – don’t take Baileys with to that kind of event.. it’s a drink too good to drink to get drunk..
in the following morning we went to the beach to catch some sun.. and some we catched, especially me.. it can’t be descibed.. you’d have to see it.. 😀  .. i hope i won’t try to kill of skin myself at night, because of the pain..

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