i got it bad

when you spend a lot of time with some certain group of people it like becomes a totally different part of life.. you have the same "enemies", interests.. you go through difficult times, same things make you happy and also sad.. but it’s very easy to lose that connection.. you would just have to miss one birthday, camp or joyride to feel the gap.. if you have seen the "band of brothers" series then i think it was in part called "the last patrol" where a guy, who got wouded and had to spend some time away from his unit, came back and he didn’t feel like he belonged there.. some guys were missing, he hadn’t been in the hell of bastogne with them and he didn’t get the warm welcome that he had maybe expected.. but then it took only few battles to become one of the unit again..
i have felt it too.. for example after the survival camp i had to quit in the very beginning because of the injury.. i was there when they came back.. they were dirty, tired and smelled bad, but  they had made it through.. together.. as a unit.. but i wasn’t there.. also because the different branches learn in different placed there’s a distance between us.. i could just be me, but it’s strange to listen a story about how someone almost got into a fight with sergeant and everybody else witnessed it but you..
i don’t know if it’s because i feel distanced, but i tend to treat people who join in in the middle of the action like not really part of the group.. ’cause they didn’t stand in the damn rain and wind like the others and so on.. i know it’s wrong.. but hey.. i am a freak  if you didn’t know

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