the stories that you read, but never write

i did some background checking, cause i’m planning to join the Tarvanpää folk-dance group when i move to Rakvere and from out of nowhere i already have a dance partner and the coach there has been informed that i’m coming and she seems to be satisfied.. ok "so happy" was the correct phrase used 😀 .. my fame seems to have taken the point   i must reassure those who might feel that they will be left aside.. i will be there, not as often, but still there.. so no panicking..
it’s good  to move in a while.. you go into a totally different enviroment, where nobody knows who you are, what you have done and what you are capable for.. not that i have much to hide from my past but still.. one has learned from experience and tries to avoid the mistakes in the future.. and now.. evrything seems very good even before i have moved..

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