forever shall the the wolf in me desire the sheep in you

didn’t you read the tale
where to live happily ever after
was to kiss the frog
as i was reading mondays Eesti päevaleht i came across an article about an estonian girl working in Alaska in a sledge-dog "summer-camp" or so.. the article was interesting.. mostly composed from the different entries from her blog.. but the name was kind-a familiar and as my quick inquiries revealed she turned out ot be a friend of Katrin’s and i have even met her once.. i knew that she went to Alaska, but that was a suprise indeed.. and she writes well.. i probably couldn’t remeber all the details of a 3-day trip if i didn’t write them down during it..
actually i shouldn’t read travel bogs like this, ’cause i might flip and who knows where i’ll be next week.. i never have thought about that kind of working holiday ’cause i have always lots of things to do at home.. damn..

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