closing the god damn door

as my so called bachelors diploma support person is efectively avoiding me then i don’t have anything else to do, but to comment a film i finally had time to watch.. it was broken flowers, starring bill murray.. it was kinda weird.. especially the ending..i liked the way you could predict murray’s ex-girlfriends just by looking at their houses..  the first one where mother lives with her daughter, probably seducing each others boyfriends in the morning.. daughter obviously, if you don’t want to call walking around but-naked, when your mothers old friend is waiting in the living room.. or the other.. living in a picture perfect house, in a picture perfect neighbourhood, having picture perfect orange carrots, white rice and green peas for dinner and otherways "enjoying" a picture perfect marriage where her husband is a broker too and probably beating the crap out of her if she dares to argue over which position to use the next week.. the third house is for your imagination.. i think that if the movie hadn’t ended where it did then murray would have commited suicide, ’cause he wouldn’t have been able to live with the constant suspicion about the the guy sitting opposite to him in the bus or eating in the same diner every day is his son..

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