call me when i’m sober

i’m currently swimming in the real-estate business an yeaterday i took a really deep dive as i checked out some apartments available.. the first were those our training center can offer us.. one right here in Tapa and the other 7 km outside in a village centered around a spirit factory.. both are quite OK from the inside, but the eniviroment the first was is quite awful.. it’s in a block house, surropunded by block houses and some half-way torn down buildings.. i’m not very choosy and i have lived in farm for about third of my life.. but i won’t live in a place where there are cat droppings on the stairs.. and i’m quite reluctant to live in a block house anyway.. the one outside Tapa was normal, but i have made out my mind about moving to Rakvere as i’m planning to stay put for a while.. now the places in Rakvere.. the first one’s were in a private house area, where a whole house is built to apartments.. the main pro points for that house were that it’s a private house.. and that means minimum neighbours and that mean minimum complaints when i plug in my guitars.. but the roms were really small exept one apartment with two really big rooms and a balcony and a kitchen.. of course the price was according..
now the last place was a total winner. situated near the castle of Rakvere in a so-called old-town.. the house itself is made of stone and it looks really cool from the inside.. it’s difficult to describe it, but as i have basically made up my mind already then there will be pictures someday.. it’ll take some time for he previous person there to move out, but time i have.. the more i think about it the more i like the place..

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