hitch-hikers guide to roadkill

i absolutely freaked out today when driving home from tartu.. it was getting rather dark ’cause it was about 9 pm.. a boy and a girl were hitch-hiking just outside town.. everyone who has driven a car in dark probably agrees with me the the worst thing are pedestrians without a reflector.. at least the animals have eye that reflect the light back, but that won’t work with humans.. i can’t understand how stupid one can be not to have one.. and no i didn’t pick them up.. i usually do, but i decided i won’t pick anyone without a reflector anymore.. yes you could say that it would be safer for them if they are off the road as quickly as possible, but like fred durst says: "if you don’t care, then we don’t care".. dammit.. those things don’t cost that much, in fact they cost nothing compared to your life.. when i was going to tartu the last time was another smilar case.. i wasn’t going very slow.. about 90-100 km/h.. and suddenly i saw two girls by the road, one holding her hand up.. the distance was about 25m or so.. no reflector.. and i had cars coming from behind me.. how the f*ck would i have been able to stop without the other cars stopping in my ass.. idiots.. i swear if you were the prettiest girl butt-naked, holding you hand up in the pitch-dark without a reflector.. I WON’T STOP..

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