i could have danced all night

i’m really starting to enjoy the dancing lessons.. ok the teacher is as talkative as some woman, but after we had that telephatical change of thoughts about what i think of people trying to be smartass about me he backed down.. actually i think that i’m starting to understand his way of teaching and i understand that some of the people in the course haven’t danced before and it might be difficult to them to grasp all the things on the fly.. and though i’m a bit bored as he goes over and over the same things, but the result is that almost everybody get’s the hang of it.. and that’s his goal, not that i would be busy and interested all the time.. there’s one problem though.. i want more.. all the figures and steps so far have been watch-and-do for me and i want to advance more quickly and i want to dance more.. hour-and-a-half once a week is not enough for me.. it’s two hours from the end of the lesson and i want to dance again.. i think i could go on for at least three hours.. and Reele is also doing exellent.. she hasn’t danced ballroom as much as i.. i think.. but we would go natural together if we could have some room around us.. teacher could let us off the hook and let us just dance, not just repeat what he is yelling to everybody.. i know that he’s teaching us the routines, but we should have a chance to use our own creativity and dance..

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