where have all the parents gone

saw a on-location story on cnn recently.. it was about AIDS in africa.. yeah.. everybody knows that AIDS is massive in there, but i think only minority really knows have awful it looks.. if you see a beautiful 4-year old girl diagnosed as a HIV-positive then it’s just plain heartbreaking..
the big picture or common pattern in that everybody is hungry and men from remote villages send their wives into town to work as prostitutes so they could earn money for food.. women come back with food and with the disease.. children get the food and the disease.. and as the villages are so remote they have no proper medical care and possibility to test themselves.. and therefore they don’t know if they are infected.. and if they knew they probably wouldn’t say, ’cause of the fear to be driven out of the village.. first the parents die and then the children.. considering the poverty in there i don’t know what would be better – to live your life in constant hunger and die at the age of 20-60 or die very young without having to see your brothers and sisters nad parents suffer and fade away.. in modern countries are ways for a mother, who herself is HIV-positive, to give birth to a baby without passing on the disease, but those means seldom reach the women in africa..
the heroes of that story were grandmothers.. they usually don’t get the disease and so they are often the only one’s left to take care of the opheans.. some grannys take care of a family of nine.. they starve so the children could eat.. and they go through medical lessons so they could give the treatment to the children themselves.. so the doctors have to pass through only occasionally to re-supply or check how they are doing.. but children there are as happy as can be considering the dire situation there.. they sing and dance and they faces go serious only when they are asked to talk about their lives and how they manage.. it’s easiest to give up and just die..

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