stay close to me

you have too many friends. some might say that you can never have too many friends, but i think you can. i think that at some point the meaning of the word "friend" loses it’s value. you know a lot of people, but can you really call them friends? or are they just people you change howdoyoudo’s, when you see them on the streets?
just like you are unique so are the people you know and they all need a different approach. some are satisfied with a wave of hand over the street, others want to stroll by the river and enjoy the presence of the other and some want to talk. chuck palahniuk says through the character of brandy alexander, a drug-addict drag queen waiting for his/her vaginoplasty, "people ask how you’re doing just so they can blabber about their own miserable lives"
everybody categorysizes people they know: smile/wave/nod-if-you-see’s; throw-a-stone-or-snowball-if-not-seen’s; chat a bit; needs-attention’s, broke-my-heart-in-2nd-grade’s and so on. even if you don’t admit it then subconsciuously you do that. and based on their own judgement and previous experiment they consider themselves to have a certain place in the other persons list. for example – s/he won’t mind if i eat the last muffin, s/he won’t mind if i show up in the middle of the night in his/her doorstep drunk as a skunk or s/he considers others little kinks like growing a red viking beard to be a part of him/her.
having friends is a responsibility one should accept ’cause they aren’t just numbers behind your picture in orkut or some other internet community. you don’t wanna be a number. do you?

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