battle without honor or humanity

i bought the first two computer games of my life.. i consider wasting monet on computer games rather pointless ’cause there are other means to get the.. not that fast of course, but i’m not such a gamer so i can wait a week or two.. but as i have finished writing my diploma i have some time to play a bit again.. the game that made me go shopping was broken sword: the sleeping dragon.. i first got the demo and totally liked the idea and gameplay.. too bad i can’t play it on my laptop.. and as was there i got the myst IV revelation too.. and i found also one of my shildhood favourite movies – d’artagnan and the  three musketeers.. russian production.. it’s so much better than the ones made in west.. no freaking kung-fu and rocket powered horse-carts.. no big stunts ’cause there’s no need for them in a movie like that.. three thumbs up
the "prank on my account" of the week goes to katrin and merike

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