let’s get these two hearts beat faster, faster

the weekend of dance.. quite good description for it.. on friday i went to the university anniversary ball with katrin.. on saturday i was supposed to go dancing with reele, but that changed so i ended up playing broken sword: the sleeping dragon.. from one point of view that was good, ’cause i think i overworked my right hand on friday.. it’s kinda sore even today.. and we had tha last dance evening with our dance-course..
the ball was nice.. the dancefloor was so crowded that it was very difficult to really go for it.. a real orchestra was playing and the atmosphere was awesome..but it was really fun.. there were many different performers like singers maarja-liis ilus and laura põldvere.. finally tõnis mägi came and performed his probably mst famous piece "koit" or dawn.. afterparty was also cool.. mostly rock’n’roll, played by a live-band, so it suited me well.. at least i wasn’t there only to please my date and i didn’t have to think about how much i dislike the music.. not like our school anniversary balls where the afterparty usually has awful music.. a bit bad was that she kinda had to accompany her fried too who had no date so we had to leave early.. but the evening was great.. thank you..
todays dance was different.. i had imagined it a bit differently.. you might say that i was a bit dissapointed of the build-up, but the result was great ’cause with reele we nailed the slow-waltz and also the whole competition.. not a big thing ’cause it only consisted of three dances – rumba, slow-waltz and rock.. but those were the three dances erki had taught us most.. but the evening was equally great to the ball.. thank you
it was kinda disturbing to watch how some young people dance.. exactly like trainer showed us.. no rise&fall, no hip movement and no imagination of their own.. sticking with the same amalgamation over and over again.. and i consider it to be trainers fault and partly also the educations fault we recive here in estonia.. we don’t have this big prom tradition.. we have those, but they are not considered to be that important.. it’s not a big disaster if you don’t have a date for prom and if you even don’t go to a prom.. dancing is your own private hobby, but i think that ballroom dance or any kind of dance should be a part of high-school programme.. as an optional course, ’cause it you’d have to dance against your will it won’t work..

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