the world showed no compassion to me

i think i’m beginning to realise how difficult the work of a teacher is.. i’m not talking about young rugrats who can’t sit still for  three minutes, but passing on the knowledge.. i have recieved critics about the quality of the classes i have given, ’cause it appears later that students haven’t understood the subject very well.. of course that’s not entirely my fault, but if the whole class has problems then i must have done something wrong and considering the things that we teach here.. i sure as hell don’t want to teach them something that could result in serious injuries or worse..  what made me think of the subject is that i was checking some test the NCO course did on ballistics.. most of them got it quite good, but some answers were like WTF?! sometimes you see what the person is trying to say, but he uses so weird terms.. one way would be ruthless and compare the answers word to word, but ’cause i wasn’t there when the test was carried out and i don’t know what they were exactly told to do, then i con do that.. it took me about 5 hours to check all the tests.. about 40.. i wasn’t rushing of course and i did some youtubing for another project (found a thingy, which allows to download and convert videos from youtube to my pc).. at least i wasn’t doing nothing like yesterday.. doing nothing sucks..

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