my brothers in arms

on friday we had last party of our course.. we rented a sauna in tartu with an overview on tartu.. very cool place.. as Mattias said – 3,5 years is a very long time.. and i think most of the university students couldn’t imagine half the shit we’ve been through together.. i don’t believe that any other school in estonia could make such a strong bond between people.. it’s like our own little band of brothers.. sharing cold, rain defeat and victory together.. and it’s like in the book when a memeber of the 101st airborne said that captain Sobel made them THE Easy company.. they hated him for all the shit he made them go through and i believe that mostof my coursemates agree that our courseleader was our captain Sobel.. and that bond will last..
one guy asked if i felt bad about not being able to stand with them in the line to recieve my new shoulder patches and attach them to the guy standing next to me.. i thought that no-one would ask such a stupid question.. of course i feel bad for that.. you couldn’t probably imagin how bad i feel.. but i’ll always be a member of 7th.. no-one can take that away from me..

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