ladies are always right and boys always get what’s left

damn how i hate when mother calls and says "you know (one of my little brothers or grandma or who ever) had a birthday.. you should get something for him/her.." damn.. i’m old enough to remember when someone has a birthday.. ok sometimes i forget, but that’s rare.. birthday presents should be something that gives a message or have a meaning not bought because your mother tell you to and then you’d feel weird showing up without one.. like i haven’t had enough hard time coming up with the chritmas presents.. btw i haven’t come up with almost none so far.. next time i’ll tell her never to do that again.. what’s the thing about women reminding men things all the time.. like when i went ot theatre with Reele or the the ball with Katrin.. both managed to ask if i have buyed the tickets.. wft?! of course i had bought them.. what do they tke for? an idiot not being able to remember that if i go out with someone i should buy the tickets to actually get in to the place.. that’s so frustrating.. i would understand that if i had previously forgotten to do that but that has never happened.. i’m freaking 23 not 123 years old..

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