one million eight hundred thousand seven hundred and six.. sixty-eight thousand three hundred nineteen pork pies and one turnip

it appears that some good people in England have made Terry Pratchett’s "Hogfather" into a movie.. furthermore it appears that one good fella uploaded it into youtube.. all but one part from the end, which i hope he’ll find again.. here’s the playlist..
about the movie itself.. i think it was aired as a part of a christmas program ’cause it’s kinda cristmas-theme-book.. i totally liked it.. i have wondered how it would look like if someone tried to turn pratchett’s book into a movie.. i considered it even more difficult than the lord of the rings books, ’cause in pratchett’s book there’s so much humour and information given by the narrator and they didn’t have one in the movie.. but the movie was great.. the greatest character was definately corporal Nobbs.. that was absolutely too awesome.. he was on screen for about 5 minutes, but definately turned out as one of the best for me.. the second was probably Albert.. wizards were ok, villains were the weakest of the bunch, i think.. weren’t that believable

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