day of her life

the people on estonian blogging community have taken up a remarkable task.. one of the bloggers – daki – is getting married.. i don’t know her at all.. i have maybe read few of her posts at most.. but i think that when people decide to write about their personal lives and they somehow attract  a group of readers.. and that person becomes a part of their life too.. like a friend although you might never have met him/her and reading his/her blog becomes just like listening a friend telling about his/her day or reading news from the paper.. anyway daki has written about how one of her dreams has been to wear a wedding gown made just for her.. now those things cost a lot of money so she probably couldn’t afford it by herself.. so other bloggers have opened an bank account so other people can send an amount of money for her gown.. the total sum will be passed over to her on st. valentine’s day.. what other gift could you wish for such an occasion.. it’s probably the nicest thing i have heard recently.. more info

One response

  1. Marta

    😀 thank you…

    January 31, 2007 at 2:09 pm

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