guess who’s dead?
i finally got the apartment.. signed the contract on thursday and moved in today.. went to a phone company to get acess to internet, but guess what.. someone in the building is having a free wifi network set up.. the signal is not very strong but strong enough to allow me to write this post.. had to buy some cleaning stuff.. the kitchen could have been on a better shape.. also some dusting and relocating the furniture.. have to throw some things out.. one closet has lived way over it’s time.. the walls are supposed to be quite thick, but the ceiling let’s through some noise.. hope they don’t mind when i plug in my amp.. still a lot of things to bring from võru and i need to buy some things too.. like a stereo, a vacuum cleaner perhaps.. also have to get some fire-wood.. to bad the shed is so small that i’ll have to buy them few times during cold times..
and the best news is defiantely for my friends, ’cause now they have a place to crash in when in rakvere..
i’m liking the place more and more every minute.. we’ll what i think when i have slept a night in here.. now this is HOME..

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