one point.. ONE F*CKING POINT!!

he was butt-raped by a large inmate..
on saturday we had a dance competition.. it’s a traditional kind of thing we’re participants have to perform only one dance – "tuljak", which is well known among folk-dancers and it’s danced in the end of every dancefestival.. last year was also a year dedicated to the author of this dance so it was like an ending event..
anyway we worked quite hard and our trainer can be sucha bitch sometimes, but i think we became really good.. i’m saying nothing about how the event was organized, but i was awfully bored after we had performed.. it went quite good.. everybody knows how their perormance went – mine was a bit off-balance twice, but still good.. other groups put out some great stuff also.. the concert in the evening was quite cool.. lot of great ideas.. now about the evaluation – there were 6 judges and they gave marks in 10 point scale – from the start it got pretty intense between us, tarbatu and sõleke.. then the bomb was dropped when we got "5".. no other group among 16 got a score that low.. that was a hit below waist for us, but we got "10" twice after that and managed to be back in the competition.. when the last judge gave his points sõleke went to lead, but when we got an even score of 61 points with them, we cheered cause we were given max points thrice, but them only twice.. then another bomb was released when tarbatu also got "10" and went past us with 1 point.. ONE POINT.. ONE F*CKING POINT!!! wtf?! WTF?!.. i hadn’t seen their performance properly, but when they had to perform it again then it really wasn’t that good.. yeah you might say i’m bitter and yes i am but that really wasn’t THAT good.. some of us were really-really pissed and i witnessed some funny phone calls on our way back.. the judge, who gave us "5" wasn’t even a dancer, but an actor/director.. we later found out that our performance lacked story and emotion in his opinion.. he should have had seen the emotion later in the bus 😀 but that "5" will stay on his concious for the rest of his life and we take turns to haunt him in his dreams.. ONE F*CKING POINT!!

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