i do whatever the little voices tell me to do

now i have seen all the movies written or directed by Kevin Smith: clerks, mallrats, chasing amy, dogma, jay and silent bob strike back, clerks II.. of course he has more movies but these are all connected by for example Ben Affleck in various roles, Jay and Silent Bob of course, Brian O’Halloran and so on… mallrats was the weakest though.. no such great lines like in clerks or clerks II.. here’s one dialogue from clerks:

DANTE: Why? You wanna have sex or something?
VERONICA(sarcastic): Ooh! Can we?!
DANTE: Really?
VERONICA: I was kidding.
DANTE: Yeah, right. You can’t get enough of me.
VERONICA: Typically male point of view.
DANTE: How do you figure?
VERONICA: You show some bedroom proficiency, and you think you’re gods. What about what we do for you?
DANTE:Women? Women, as lovers, are all basically the same: they just have to be there.
VERONICA: "Be there?"
DANTE: Making a male climax is not all that challenging: insert somewhere close and preferably moist; thrust; repeat.
VERONICA: How flattering.
DANTE: Now, making a woman cum…therein lies a challenge.
VERONICA: Oh, you think so?
DANTE: A girl makes a guy cum, it’s standard. A guy makes a girl cum,it’s talent.
VERONICA: And I actually date you?
DANTE: Something wrong?
VERONICA: I’m insulted. Believe me, Don Juan,it takes more than that to get a guy off. Just "being there"-as you put it – is not enough.
DANTE: I touched a nerve.
VERONICA: I’m astonished to hear you trivialize my role in our sex life.
DANTE: It wasn’t directed at you. I was making a broad generalization.
VERONICA: You were making a generalization about "broads!"
DANTE: These are my opinions based on my experiences with the few women who were good enough to sleep with me.

i can’t speak about the character progressing or growing in during the movie.. not very good at that.. i can tell if i like the movie or not and why.. in these movies it was mainly because of the dialogue and some points of view that the characters bring out.. here’s a clip about the way Kevin sees the LoTR triologi.. it’s also featured in clerks II, but if you’re all obsessed about LoTR you might feel insulted. the point of this post would be that you should definately watch those movies.. if you don’t find anything there for you then at least it’ll be funny


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